You’re the best dependable and proactive Realtor! We really appreciate your prompt service and great skills in communication and negotiation. You really help to make things happen and move forward to the next process. We highly recommend you because you’ve proven yourself so many times with our real estate transactions.
Thank you very much!”

-Annabelle & Percy

“Buying a new home can be frustrating, time consuming, and confusing, if not downright stressful. When my fiancé and I decided to move to Austin, we sought out a reputable real estate agent. David Haynes came highly recommended. After speaking with him, it quickly became evident that he was the right one for the job. He asked us what we were looking for in size, cost, and neighborhood. David took our information and by the end of the day he started to email us potential homes. We were able to narrow down our search and he made the entire process smooth and painless.
David is extremely knowledgeable of his product and a complete professional. He helped guide us through the negotiations and always looked out for our best interests. It was a true pleasure working with him. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

-Jim B

“It had always been my dream to move to Austin. When the time finally came where I was able to make the move, I sought out a real estate agent I could trust. David Haynes is that agent. He understood what I wanted and worked diligently to find the right property. I never once felt that I was dealing with a salesman; I knew I had found a professional. David was not trying to sell me a house, he found me a home. Thank you David Haynes for making my lifelong dream a reality.”

-Kim R


My 3 year old son and I moved to Austin from Los Angeles, and after a couple months of living here I decided to buy a house.  I was referred to a handful of realtors and met with all of them, including David (Haynes).  What impressed me about David at first was that he just jumped in and said “let’s just start driving around and check out some areas and see what you like”.  He didn’t ask for any commitment, wasn’t worried that I would go to another realtor for the purchase; he just seemed genuinely interested in taking me around Austin to show me the city that he knows so well.

David never made me feel rushed in my decision as to what areas I liked, or even rushed to officially sign up with him.  We just started looking around and I was able to “experience the goods” before making a commitment, which I was so happy to do after just one run out on the streets with him.  

With David, when I brought up a new area that I wanted to check out, no matter how many others we had seen, he would enthusiastically just take me to that area and any other areas that might be similar -he went above and beyond and wasn’t looking to take the easy way out on anything.  Most importantly, he wasn’t putting HIS feelings about where he likes above what I was looking for in a home.  

When I finally decided that Travis Heights was the area that I wanted to live in, I described the kind of home that I wanted in feel and looks and era built in.  At this point, my time was very limited with my own career being busy, so I wanted to only look at homes that fit my exact needs and wants.  He showed me a house that fit everything I wanted, and I bought it.  It was that simple, and it was because he allowed me to take the time I needed to know that when I found the right home, it was going to be the right home for me without question or regret.

David was kind during the process of negotiation and patient with my concerns and nervousness.  He never rushed me or let me know he was frustrated with me!  Ha.  David ultimately cared and saw our relationship as long term one rather than a quick sell.  

I LOVE my house and it is just the house that keeps on giving and giving.  I am very blessed that David was giving with him time, without knowing what he would get in return.  He has since kept in touch and been a wonderful reference and liaison on many occasions when I have had questions, being a new transplant to Texas and Austin from Los Angeles. 

I know that I would never have been able to find a home that I have and love if I hadn’t had David as my realtor.  David allowed me all of the time that I needed to assess the area and purchase; and furthermore, he was correct in advising me to buy the house at the price that I did, because it has already gone up 20% in value since purchase.  

David is smart and truly caring and knows Austin.  It is an amazing combination, especially for anyone moving into this area for the first time.

— Nicole – Travis Heights/SOCO

David Haynes has been my realtor for nine years and I have been beyond impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the market, and insight into various prospective investments- (like why a particular property is not going to last on the market and when I have the room to negotiate…) I am always confident working with him because he knows EVERYTHING you want to know when you’re buying a home. He can guide you about each of the vastly different neighborhoods in town, all their pros and cons- advise about which ones have exemplary schools and which are close to hot spots and the best entertainment, etc.

What feels so good about working with David is that he is always willing to do what it takes to ensure my absolute satisfaction- and I never feel like a burden. I consider myself to be pretty difficult to please because I know what I like and I am not willing to settle. On several occasions, David has driven me around- essentially for the entire day- and made me feel like it was his absolute pleasure to do so. He wants to make people happy and he wants you to find a place that is perfect for your interests budget and lifestyle. What’s more- he does it with a smile on his face and makes the process enjoyable for everyone. (He’s very funny!) He’s available when I call and willing to help in any way. He’s kind, patient, caring and knows his stuff like no one else. I HIGHLY recommend David Haynes.

— Jennifer – Westlake Hills/EANES

We really enjoyed your non-pushy style and honest perspective on things. It really felt like you were on our side and were patient while we looked for the right place and did not try to just get something sold quickly. It also helped to have your expert advice on how to navigate a complicated contract situation on one deal and how to negotiate with courtesy on another deal which had a more friendly seller.

— Tom W. – Pfulgerville